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Michael E. Ziton is a trusted criminal trial attorney

who has practiced in Arizona for 25

years. Mr. Ziton's law office was established

to protect the rights of the accused

throughout the state of Arizona. You need

a winning attorney on your side.

Michael E. Ziton will put his knowledge and experience to work for you.  Looking for Best Attorney in Arizona - Call our firm 602.234.9290

 At the Law Offices of Michael E. Ziton, we have successfully handled hundreds of cases in Arizona and won many trials for our clients – both jury and non-jury matters. A wide variety of our Arizona criminal matters include drug offenses, domestic violence, DUI/DWI/drunk driving defense, sex offenses, white collar crimes, juvenile offenses, probation violations, and criminal traffic. Attorney Michael Ziton has also successfully and strategically helped countless clients clear numerous outstanding arrest warrants.

Whether you are looking for a law office or lawyer near me or Google Arizona Attorney Search, look no further than Law Offices Michael E. Ziton PC. Our law firm travels across the state.  We know the system throughout Arizona and we are dedicated to protecting your rights where-ever you are accused. 

Pre-Charge Success: What To Do if You Are Contacted by the Police

Contact  Michael E. Ziton before you talk to the police. It can be frightening to be accused of a criminal offense or traffic matter. Having an attorney who knows the system is critical if you are the focus of a criminal investigation. Michael E. Ziton understands how police conduct investigations, and how prosecutors prepare cases. Having an experienced attorney guiding you through a criminal investigation can be the difference between serving a life sentence in prison or having no formal charges filed.

Michael E. Ziton is a tough negotiator and has effectively saved many clients from serious criminal charges stemming from sex related investigations to theft related allegations involving losses of nearly one million dollars. If you think you are under investigation for a criminal offense, Contact Michael E. Ziton before you talk to the police. It can make the difference. 

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If you or a member of your family has been charged with a criminal offense in Arizona, Contact the Law Offices of Michael E. Ziton. When your future depends on a strong defense, trust our criminal defense firm. We handle DUI defense, drug charges, federal crimes, sex offenses, white collar crimes/theft, juvenile offenses, probation violations, outstanding warrants and criminal traffic offenses. We know the system and will fight for you. Our law firm is located in the Luhrs Tower, in Phoenix, Arizona, just a stone's throw from the Madison Street Jail, Superior Court, and the County Attorney's Office. We are available 24 hours to provide you with the right kind of representation and guidance you deserve. 

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