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Border Checkpoint Arrests

While drug dogs are used often at Arizona Immigration border checkpoints, they are not always right. Sometimes drug dogs are improperly trained. They may be overworked or triggered into alerting by their over-eager handlers. If a drug dog was used in your case, we will look carefully to make sure that your rights were not violated and fight to keep illegal evidence out of your case.

Regardless of whether drugs were eventually found, the use of these dogs by U.S. Border Patrol may present serious problems for the prosecution. It is possible to challenge the use of drug dogs in your case.

If the evidence that led to your drug arrest was obtained through unlawful search and seizure, it can be excluded. If there is no admissible evidence, there is no case against you. Michael E. Ziton is a skilled and trusted criminal defense lawyer with almost 25 years of experience and success statewide in defending against drug arrests at the Arizona Border. Contact us today to discuss your matter in confidence. We are ready to fight for you. 

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If you are facing a citation for simple possession of drugs, or you or a loved one were arrested for a more serious drug offense, especially at an immigration border checkpoint in Arizona, Michael E. Ziton will put his knowledge and experience to work for you. We are dedicated to providing you with the right kind of representation and guidance you deserve.

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If you were placed under arrest and charged with drug possession or transportation after a stop and vehicle search at an Arizona-Mexico immigration checkpoint, your rights may have been violated. Attorney Michael E. Ziton travels across the state of Arizona to protect your rights against a drug arrest or a citation at a border checkpoint. A number of interstate highways throughout Arizona have border checkpoints. At these checkpoints, drug dogs are used by law enforcement to crackdown on the transportation of illegal drugs through Arizona. A number of arrests from these checkpoints, however, involve only very small amounts of marijuana or other substances characterized for personal use. Despite the small quantity, criminal charges are pursued and many visitors to Arizona, from all parts of the United States, find themselves in the middle of the Arizona criminal process. It is critical to retain an Arizona drug lawyer that knows the system, and works hard to keep your name clean. 

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Whether you are charged with simple attempted possession or a more serious felony crime, contact Michael E. Ziton - He is dedicated to the right kind of representation and guidance you deserve.

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